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Our Students


Julian '19

“In my old neighborhood, a lot of kids never get the opportunity to leave. If you see poverty your whole life, it’s what you come to expect. With the support of the program, I am now well-equipped to take part in experiences that will not only take me out of my comfort zone but will also push me forward in my pursuit of a medical degree.”

Hasiba '18

“I wouldn’t have applied to any schools outside of Illinois, if it wasn’t for the program. Northwestern Academy really helped me expand my knowledge of colleges.”

Isaiah Braithwaite

Isaiah '18

“Northwestern Academy – Evanston gave me the ability to do things I hadn’t ever considered were an option for me. It also forced me to ask questions such as, ‘Will the student-body diversity at institutions of higher education be similar to Evanston Townships High School?’ By thinking about what questions I should be asking, I realized I needed to learn more about how schools viewed diversity. This program wants to get you onto a campus where you’ll thrive and walk out with something valuable to you and the world at large.”

Jack '18

“Throughout the years, checkpoints were helpful when I was stressed. They gave me the opportunity to relax and take a moment, to remind me that in the end, it’s going to be all worth it.”


Magdalena '18

“I used to be very shy. Going through this program, I learned where to look and how to ask for what I needed.”

College Bound

Graduates of the first and second cohorts attend these great institutions and more…