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Our Philosophy

There is power and immense value in having access
to a breadth and depth of exceptional learning opportunities.
Excellence is the mission, and we are committed to providing support and opportunities
for students to position themselves to realize their goals of academic achievement.
Collaboration is vital to eradicating access barriers to students
facing financial, academic and social support challenges.
Tangible motivators provide the foundation for success through which students make
meaningful decisions and have confidence in their present and future actions.
Ownership of learning and a vision of the future are critical to
cultivating initiative and the drive to optimize opportunities.



Northwestern University

Northwestern is committed to excellent teaching, innovative research and the personal and intellectual growth of its students in a diverse academic community.

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Office of Community Education Partnerships

Office of Community Education Partnerships

OCEP bridges the research, practice, and service missions of the School of Education and Social Policy and Northwestern University to create initiatives and partnerships that positively impact our home communities of Evanston and Chicago and can be shared and scaled far beyond.

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