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How to Apply

How to Apply


Applicants must meet ALL  of the following criteria

  • Identify as a member of a racial or ethnic group that is traditionally underrepresented in advanced classes at Evanston Township High School and in higher education. (e.g. Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Native Hawaiian/Alaskan Native).
  • Come from a low to modest middle-income household (combined income of custodial parents/guardians and child support payments, if any, must not exceed an adjusted gross income of more than $95,000 annually.)
  • Be first-generation in their immediate family to attend and graduate from a four-year college in the United States. Students are also eligible if their parents/guardians don’t have a bachelor’s degree from a US college/university or their parents/guardians have received a bachelor’s degree within the past seven years.

Special Circumstances

If the custodial parents’ income exceeds the amount above and/or their educational attainment does not meet the above guidelines, applicants can detail their special circumstances in a statement which will be reviewed by the selection committee.


  1. Complete and submit an online application
  2. Application Sections:
    • Student section (short response questions, essays, grades)
    • Parent/guardian section (personal info, household info, short responses)
    • One teacher recommendation
    • Transcript (official, unofficial, screenshot)
  3. Interviews (conducted in June):
    • Student
    • Parent/Guardian
  4. Factors considered:
    • Quality of application
    • Ability to benefit from all components in the program